Natural Herbs Market and Isispharma

As one of the leading online markets for dietary supplements and cosmetics globally Natural Herbs Market work with verified brands and companies in these industries. Such names as: Isispharma, Promoitalia, Colvita, Synchroline, Teoxane, ACTAVIS, BioGame, Himalaya, Vitaslim and many others.
In this blog, we’ll introduce you a bit more comprehensively with some of our affiliate brands and the most useful products we offer you in our herbs store. All this is garnished with many curious facts, novelties and useful articles from the world of dietary and herbal cosmetics. Because the most important thing is to be healthy and have fun.

To the greatest extent, the Natural Herbs Market philosophy overlaps with that of the French dermatological company IsisPharma. That’s why we’ve decided that the first material on our blog is dedicated to Isis…

Core dates from the growth of the Isis Pharma

IsisPharma is part of DEWAVRIN GROUP – a cosmetic institution enhanced with French quality. A true carrier of traditional family values in French business.
The beginning of the saga was set in 1842. Here are some of the other more important dates for the business group….
In 1970, Stella Lanolines was founded, which became the world leader in the production of high quality raw materials for dermo-cosmetics. This is thanks to the innovative solutions in the area of softening and moisturizing the skin.

ISISPHARMA was established in 1987 by a chemist with a clear vision of the future of the cosmetics industry. Because of the close co-existence with some of the most prestigious university and leading French laboratories (and possibly with a little help from the goddess Isis), the company has made a rapid breakthrough in the field of homeostasis.
1998, Alpol Cosmétique was created. This is a factory in France, which specializes in technology for the production, manufacturing and filling of cosmetic and dermocosmetic products.

This brings us to 2002 and the establishment of the current modern structure of the company. ISIS PHARMA is French dermatology concern named after the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.
And 2019 – Isis Pharma is a world-renowned brand whose products are distributed and sold in 80 countries across 5 continents.

History of the Name and Philosophy

Isis is the mystical goddess-protector of the marriage union, wisdom, magic, and immortality. And if you have to choose an organ of the human body, which most suits her, it would certainly be the skin. The skin with its amazing capacity for regeneration. And with the vital ability to maintain inner balance, called HOMEOSTASIS.

It`s homeostasis that is at the core of Isispharma’s PHILOSOPHY. Homeostasis is equilibrium. Skin homeostasis or skin balance is subject to aggressive external influences. These are factors such as sun UV, bacteria, detergents, drying, various irritations and inflammation, hormonal disorders. Isispharma has therefore focused its attention on restoring this balance. The company is in constant demand for innovative, workable solutions that restore skin balance.


The main products of ISIS PHARMA are designed to support skin functions in multiple directions by influencing and preventing various disorders. This includes a strong battle with problems such as peeling of the skin caused by UV rays, stress or microorganisms. Also hyperpigmentation, redness and cupperosis. Ointment, acne and any other imperfections.
All products of the French dermatological company are manufactured in strict compliance with French and European legislation. This makes them suitable for all skin types, including for people with very sensitive skin.

Here you can find out the latest IsisPharma products.